Web Tutors Became Celebrities – South Korea Tutors are Celebrities

Web Tutors Became Celebrities – South Korea Tutors are Celebrities

Do you know of any teacher who is famous? Well, can’t really speak about Socrates, Aristotle and the like, given that they had died many years ago, but today, superstar teachers? Sure, Neil deGrasse Tyson can be considered a teacher, even though he doesn’t have a tutorship. He does teach people every day, through his books, TV shows, many interviews, YouTube videos and the like.

But, what about earning from 4 to 7 million a year by teaching people, teenagers, rather, how to better prepare for their future? Yes, there are two people in South Korea who are doing just this, and being rather good at it.

Teacher Woo-Hyeong-cheol – Math Instructor

South Koreans do not have it easy. They have to study really hard and have 10 to 12 hour long school days. After finishing their middle school or high school, they have tests. These tests quite literally determine their future and whether they will be enrolled in a university. Math is one of the hardest subjects for many teenagers. This is where Woo comes in, saving them all and earning a lot of money in the process.

Woo stated that his objective is not to teach children about morals which is what schools are concerned with, but rather teach them about math and how to pass their exam. There are around 12 or so instructors such as Woo and they bring in lots of money because their methods get results. He is intimidating, direct, humorous and can translate his knowledge of problem-solving to the students, easily. At least three out of four children get some sort of private education as an after-school activity. That means lots of teachers earn lots of money in South Korea.

Teacher Rose Lee – English Teacher

The South Korean system is brutal and requires students to learn a lot of things if they want to be educated there. It has lowered the birth rate in the country with many families opting to send their children abroad for education. Rose Lee teaches her students english, bu teaches english in a way which makes them able to pass the test. Spoken english is not a primary concern, but rather giving answers to grammatical questions. She does most of her work online, but also works offline in cram schools, which are schools where plenty of students are taught at the same time.

Earning money is right if you have the right thing to sell. South Koreans love knowledge and they pay good money for it, especially if you get them results. Woo and Rose are good examples of this, earning more than 4 million dollars a year from online lessons (Rose also has offline lessons).