Popular Social Networks the West Doesn’t Know About

Popular Social Networks the West Doesn’t Know About

Everyone knows about Twitter and Facebook, as well as Reddit, even Smarkets promo code. People browse it every single day, including those which have to get VPNs in order to even be able to connect to these sites. Yes, they are banned in some parts of the world. Some countries have a country-wide firewall that is supposed to protect you from “harmful” data but is actually censorship and the cheap kind. That’s why people use VPNs to bypass these firewalls and get to the sites they want.

But, we know about these social networks, though what about the less popular ones which you can find in other countries. Yes, there are plenty of such social networks, and here are the most popular among them.

Weibo – China

Sina Weibo or simply, Weibo, is a Chinese social media platform, where you can share stuff, post and repost. It has everything from videos, photos, text as well as direct messaging. It is the site where most Chinese people spend their time ever since 2009 when Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and the like were banned, unless they use VPNs.

It launched in 2009 and got upgraded in 2013, with a language translator and a partnership with Alibaba, where you can use the two interchangeably, with a single account. It has a couple of main functions such as publishing, following, forwarding, messaging, posting photos and videos. Some writers can even be rewarded with currencies that they can spend only in the Weibo online store.

VKontakte or VK – Russia

VKontakte has been here a while, ever since 2006. It’s a Russian social media platform which is very similar to Facebook. Unlike Weibo, it is a lot friendlier to foreign people, as you can easily use it in another language. It is like Facebook, meaning you can contact people publicly, privately, share photos, videos, events and find groups. Like Facebook, you can play online games there, if that is something you might prefer. It is the most popular site in Russia and the 12th most visited in the world. It has around 500 million monthly users, which is very similar to Weibo’s numbers.

Renren – China

This platform is more catered towards college students, universities and generally younger people who are active in their respective fields. They are said to have over 30 million users, which is a lot more than the two mentioned above. They have plenty of customization options, from making your profile music to making your own theme. The site is fairly popular but also has very strict censorship.

Taringa – Argentina

Coming from Argentina is Taringa, a social media platform aimed at the people who speak Hispanic and Portuguese. It allows you to share photos, recipes, guides, memes and talk to people. It is the most popular platform in Latin America.

These are the most popular social media platforms in the world which you might not have known about. They rival the most popular ones like Twitter and Facebook, yet they are fairly unknown to the western world.