How Is Language Learning Related to Mastering a Sport?

One may not find a single similarity between learning a language and mastering some sport at first, yet these two have a lot in common when a person tries to improve them. Both language and sports enthusiasts love having fun, be it by using the bet365 Bonus Code, watching TV or playing games. The starting point from which one should regard the similarities between language learning and mastering a sport is that these two are complex processes that require the acquisition and improvement of a large set of skills. Learning a skill has some ground rules which apply to anything you want to master, and these rules are explained in the following paragraphs. 


In order to become fluent in a certain language or to become a professional in some sport, one should practice a lot. It doesn’t happen overnight, and besides a lot of practice, a person should be thorough, patient, and observant enough to improve their skills. All the experienced speakers and athletes have years and years of practice in their minds when asked what the secret to their expertise is. With practice comes both the physical, intellectual, and emotional strength which a professional has to possess, and all of that brings about the impression of confidence and true belief that you do know what you do. 

Muscle memory

Since we mentioned physical and intellectual memory, there is something which is known as muscle memory in sports. If we regard a human brain as a large muscle that relaxes if not used continually, this ‘muscle memory’ can also apply to learning a language. In other words, human muscles ‘remember’ every single thing and movement they do, and, as time goes by, it becomes natural for them to contract in a certain way. This also applies to patterns and phrases you learn about language. Once you repeat a certain action many times, it becomes easier and easier for you and, in the end, it becomes a habit and goes into your unconscious.


Along with practice and muscle memory, language and sports enthusiasts definitely need a good coach. There are some tips and tricks which can be handled on one’s own, yet self-learning cannot bring you to some higher levels when you need to acquire finesses.  Coaches are also good for your encouragement and consciousness that you have an obligation and certain requirements to fulfill to advance. The advice is to do whatever you can on your own, yet at some point, you will definitely need a coach to lead you on your way. 

Role Models

Role models are yet another similarity that language learning and learning a sport share. It is practical to have a role model to look up to as an example of what your expertise should look like in the end. Try to think about the things you like about your role models and then feel free to imitate them. As far as language learning is concerned, choosing a role model is efficient if you want to improve your pronunciation. When it comes to sport, repeating certain moves done by your role model can be beneficial for your growth.