Learning Online Marketing – How to Practice for Free

Learning Online Marketing – How to Practice for Free

Whenever a product or service is offered, people need to learn about it somehow. Getting a product out, even from a very large company, without it announcing or marketing it, will probably end with fewer sales, which you can expect based on common sense. Albeit, a larger company releasing a product will probably be reported by someone, compared to a small company or an individual, for example, a Mercedes Benz AMG station wagon, for who wants a station wagon with 500 horsepower?

For those who are not Mercedes, marketing is mandatory. Online marketing is probably the most effective form of marketing, as it can reach the most people. Luckily for you, online marketing can be learned just like anything else in life – if we can learn Poker Terms and get better at playing poker, or even learn a new language, we can learn to be better at online marketing. How can you learn it, where can you practice it?

Online Marketing – Different Types of Marketing

Contrary to television marketing, billboard marketing or radio marketing, online marketing has plenty of manifestations. Which one you choose to practice and master is up to you. Social media marketing is one way of doing marketing, which you can practice for free. You need social media accounts and a will to post relevant photos and posts in general, on a daily basis. While you might not want to post about your own products and services on a daily basis, you can post about them frequently. Most social media platforms have their own marketing services (which you need to pay for). 

Google Ads is another way of doing marketing for everyone using Google’s services and software, and there are plenty of such users. To practice Google Ads, however, you need a certain budget, if you’re going to run marketing campaigns. You could use their tools to make the best of your articles and keywords, however. 

Email marketing is another way of getting in touch with lots of people, especially if they have already subscribed to your site. If you get access to potential customers’ emails, then this can be a rather powerful tool. Otherwise, it can be considered spam, if it’s unwanted. 

Affiliate marketing this is another way of marketing, where you act as an affiliate for someone, or someone acts as an affiliate for you. Remember watching your favorite streamer or YouTuber say, buy this and that for a discount, by using this or that code (usually containing the influencer’s name), well, that is affiliate marketing. It can also be in textual form. You could technically be an affiliate for someone, if you had enough visitors.

How to Practice Online Marketing

The best way to practice it is on your own site or service. Online marketing isn’t free in most scenarios and it isn’t a theoretical science but a practical one. It is results-based and you must tweak your results if they are good or bad, in order to be better, with the intention of maximizing your own profits. Practicing on your own platform is the best way, unless you already know a digital marketing expert who will allow you to if not practice, then observe their work and learn. 

Having such a friend is not really something often available to most people so they will have to settle for finding a hosting service and buying a domain name, and starting their own site which they will then practice marketing on. Luckily, having a site is cheap so you can save most of your budget on actual marketing practice, at least when it comes to paid marketing, for search engines and social media platforms. You can practice the other types of marketing without spending money.

Online marketing must be practiced and the best way to do it by having your own platform or rather, site, to work on.