AI is Changing Education – AI is Everywhere

AI is Changing Education – AI is Everywhere

The world has changed in the last 50 or so years, dramatically. From going to the moon to making computers so small that they fit our hands, that is quite a change. Nowadays, we have artificial intelligence around, doing some really complex things which we are unable to do as efficiently. But, AI is almost everywhere and it is doing a lot of work. Can it also change the way we are educated, the way we learn? Can it help us find solutions for new problems, such as how to learn faster and more efficiently or tell us which greenplay bonus code offer would be better? Yes, it can, and here are some ways in how AI can help us become better.

Administrative Work – More Time for Teaching

Administrative work takes up a lot of time from a college teacher, from even high school and elementary school teachers, so that they have less time to work with their students and have to spend it grading work and filling out various forms. While this is good and can work for various multiple choice questions and answers, it is a bit harder to make a reality with essays. Essays deal with a certain topic and that topic must be addressed properly. With that in mind, AIs are still being worked on and grading essays will be a possibility in the near future. A teacher should spend time with their students, not with the students’ essays, papers and tests. 

Smart Content – Organizing Existing Content Into Better Content

Having to read five or six books just to understand three or four chapters is a very difficult thing for every student. There is a meme around, spend 50 hours reading research to write ten sentences which are all references. For someone who is studying a new topic, you’d want to find everything in a single book, right? AIs can help with that, by organizing your topic and selecting existing data from other books and making a coherent whole which will help you learn the quickest. This is already being experimented on so we might even see it sooner, rather than later.

Learning Based On Your Interests and Performance

There is always something great to be found in the recommendations section of YouTube or the suggested friends on Facebook, not to mention the various interesting movies and TV shows you might find on streaming services. Let us not even mention the targeted ads. You start searching for a car, you get ads about that same car in your area. 

Imagine that, but with learning. You’d be able to learn and adapt much better. From your previous experience and desires, not to mention your performance in school, you’d be able to progress better by making better choices and choosing your next subject matter. AIs can help improve your choice-making skills, by looking at the big picture and your own results. Sometimes, emotions are in the way, albeit, the AI will probably be able to account for that, as well, one day.

AI will change our world, one boring task by one. When that does happen, it is up to us to make the most of it. People have access to almost infinite resources with the internet yet they are not at all used as much as one would think. AIs can help but we have to make use of that help and learn.