Online Degrees – Are They Worth and Valued as Much as University Degrees?

Online Degrees – Are They Worth and Valued as Much as University Degrees?

People use the internet every single day. It is used to do almost everything, from chatting to people, watching YouTube videos, watching sports matches and visiting for various offers, to communicating with your loved ones across the world. People study using the internet, while others have fun or actually use it to make a living. Playing video games is possible and even watching the game somewhere on a mountain, provided you have service.

For those who want to learn, to get certified, using the internet is an option. It has been for quite a while now. But, will that degree actually count as a degree? Will anybody look at it and value it as much as a degree from a local university? The answer is not as simple as you might think.

Is the Online School Credible?

The first thing you have to ask yourself if you want someone to trust your future degree is whether you would trust someone who got a degree from the school you plan on attending (from your chair). You have to do a check on the school to see whether it has accreditation. You should also check what their reputation is. If their reputation is bad or it does not exist, then you might as well look for a new one. An online school based in an unknown country which has nothing but a PO box will most likely not be trusted by your future employers. Look for schools which have produced quality students, students who also got jobs thanks to the school’s degrees.

Try Courses from Huge Brands

A course or degree, certificate or any other form of recognition of your newly acquired knowledge which came from a huge brand will be welcomed with open arms. For example, you finished an online course from Microsoft or Google. People would take those degrees seriously, because we are dealing with known quantities, companies which are serious and are present everywhere, online and offline.

Distance Courses – Online Universities

These are the degrees which are or should be treated the same as regular degrees. Why? Because distance courses are actual classes which you attend from a distance, meaning using the internet. They can be organized by universities, but also specialized online schools. If you happen to find a university which has distance courses, enrolling in it, or just signing up for the course, would be recommended.

Slow Adoption Rates

While universities and overall, people with a higher level of education, are willing to treat online learning and brick and mortar learning the same, or rather, depending on the course itself, regular people often frown upon online learning and consider it worse than regular learning, inferior, if you will.

Even though many universities are starting to offer distance courses, thus shifting the narrative towards online learning, as well as face-to-face learning, it is a slow process with lots of growing pains.

Whether you should take an online course or a regular one depends on the credibility and prestige of your online school, as well as the opinion of your employer. The latter has the final say, no matter the quality of your school.