Learning Online for Free – The Best Places to Learn Online for Free

Learning Online for Free – The Best Places to Learn Online for Free

Learning is important as most of the things we cannot do without the necessary knowledge. Even when it comes to things like betting online you need to have a certain level of knowledge about best mi online sportsbook in order to do it successfully. It is almost like a never-ending cycle, except that you can end it by starting to learn. People get stuck with this idea that you need formal, ground-based education in a school or university to learn whatever it is that you want to.

Well, distance learning has been a thing for a while, or in layman terms, online learning. There are plenty of ways you can learn a lot of things online, but people do not just like using the vast number of tutorials to learn, because of false or biased information. With that being said, if you want to learn online, you might as well do it from reputable sources. Here is a list of sources which offer courses and knowledge, for free.


Coursera is a site which is partnered with a ton of universities and various schools throughout the world. They offer plenty of free courses which you can browse, take, learn. Getting taught by a university professor for free, online even, is not a bad thing, would you say? Especially when it’s free, knowledge which comes from the mouth of an expert is always a good offer.

Open Culture

Open Culture is a site which lists all the free courses which they can find, from universities all over the world. England, the United States, Australia, you name it, they will find you a free course. These courses come from validated sources and are top-tier as well as free. What is more, the site itself is a part of the Open Source Movement, which tries to make the world a better place by sharing knowledge and tools (applications), as well as the idea of working together towards a goal.


Want more free online courses, then look up edX. They offer courses on plenty of topics, from architecture to social sciences and everything in between (meaning the alphabet letters and names of various sciences/topics). With so many different topics and course, you will certainly find at least one which will be good enough or interesting to you.

YouTube – Controversial Way of Learning

While YouTube is full of videos which will not help you learn anything, if you learn how to filter your results properly or come with any basic research skills, you will find the necessary materials. YouTube offers you a lot of content, but filtering it out and knowing what will help you plays a very large part of your learning process. It is not a course, though there are courses on YouTube, but it is information, which might be useful if chosen correctly. Anything from fixing cars to braiding your hair is a topic on YouTube.

These are but some of the sites which you can look to if you want to learn online for free. There are plenty more sites, but these ones are the best to start from, if you want to learn for free.